Prom Visions 2016

In 2016 artist Jimmy Cauty offered Penzance the chance to show his ADP Riot Tour installation on the Promenade for free. The highly acclaimed installation had already been on show in the courtyard of the Royal Academy and was touring the UK, prompting extremely positive feedback from the public and bringing visitors in their hundreds to every site it toured to. Unfortunately Penzance Council felt that this internationally renowned piece of work was too scruffy to show on the Promenade and the artist's kind offer was politely refused with the statement that the work didn't reflect the Council's vision for Penzance..

Prom Visions was a response to the short-sighted parochial decision not to bring such an exciting art work to our town. Parts of the Promenade which was thought too picturesque to be subjected to something as banal as art were made into artworks themselves, with gallery-type explanations of each piece placed next to the red rope cordons and the Promenade was turned into a temporal exhibition.

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